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bufo icon. courtesy University of Maryland, IAN 2017 MEETING
California/Nevada Amphibian Populations Task Force meeting January 12-13, 2017 at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Optional Field Trip on Saturday, January 14.

2017 Meeting Announcement and Information

2017 Meeting Agenda

Registration Limit for 2017 Amphibian Meeting in Santa Barbara

Unfortunately, we must set a LIMIT this year on the number of attendees at the CA/NV Amphibian Populations Task Force meeting in Santa Barbara on January 12-13. We are getting more registrants than expected and there is a room size limit.

This means if you want to be sure of a place, you MUST register in advance on line and before we hit the limit of 130. You can register on line and still pay at the door by selecting “Pay at the Event” on the Checkout page.

To reiterate, If we reach the limit of 130 we will NOT admit anyone at the door unless they have already registered on line.

2017 Meeting Announcement, Information and Registration

Meeting Agenda

What is the California/Nevada Working Group?

The California/Nevada Working Group seeks to understand and reverse amphibian population declines in California and Nevada, and to provide for the continued existence of both declining and non-declining species. A prime objective of the group is to facilitate communication among individuals who conduct scientific investigations, manage natural resources, or influence conservation policy. The group holds an annual meeting to present and discuss new information and issues, and distributes information and ideas via an electronic mailing list. Participation in the group is effected by joining the mailing list. The group is chaired by Dr. David Bradford.


David F. Bradford
California/Nevada DAPTF Chair